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7 Quick & Easy Ways to Improve the Utility Efficiency of Your Home

Saving money on utilities starts with using less energy. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be forced to use less heat during the cold months or sweat during the summer months. You can improve your utility efficiency by making some small changes. Most of these changes you’ll be able to do on your own

1. Updating your HVAC unit
When a unit isn’t running properly, it uses more energy. This happens for many reasons, and doesn’t mean that you need to invest in an entirely new system. Replacing the compressor, adding condenser fan controls, and cleaning the unit might be all that you need to do to improve the unit’s function.

However, if you’ve been spending a lot of money on repairs, notice leaks, or strange noises are coming from your unit, it may be time for a new unit. We’re one of the best AC installation Houston Tx has and will happily come out to inspect your unit or install a new energy-efficient unit.

2. Improve Airflow
If there is debris, such as leaves and dust blocking the airflow, the unit is forced to work harder to achieve your settings’ temperature. Be sure that you are keeping your unit clear to preserve the airflow of your AC unit and keep the unit from overworking.

3. Program the Thermostat
Turning down the thermostat during the hours that nobody is home will help to save power. Installing a programmable thermostat is a great way to automate the system to control the temperature.

4. Improving The Insulation
Older homes that are poorly insulated can keep your home’s HVAC unit running longer than necessary. While it may be costly to insulate the walls and windows throughout your home, you may want to consider insulating the pipes, ducts, and outlets. By wrapping the pipes and ducts with high R-value insulation, you’ll save energy.

5. Regular Maintenance
Keeping your equipment running efficiently with regular maintenance will not only keep the cost of repairs down, but it will help to ensure your unit is running efficiently, therefore, saving energy. Most HVAC companies in Houston offer maintenance agreements.

These agreements make maintenance a thoughtless process. They’ll tell you when it needs to be serviced and schedule the appointment. This is going to save you a ton of money, unnecessary repair calls, and reduce your energy costs.

6. Change The Filters
A clogged filter is one of the biggest causes of your unit not running properly. The dust and dirt start to buildup on the fan blades, and the motor and the equipment need more power to run. It’s recommended to change your filter every 90 days, and you should avoid using the cheap thin filters that don’t trap much of the dust and pollutants. These do not do a good job of trapping the dust and other contaminants from entering your home’s air and building-up on the moving parts inside your unit.

7. Proper Settings For Your Thermostat
Pay attention to the temperature outside and the settings of your thermostat. You can do this by setting your thermostat as close as possible to the temperature outside, which will save you a ton of money. Besides, setting your HVAC system to 78 degrees will reduce the energy that you use by 18% over setting it to 75 degrees.

These are just a few of the things you can do to help improve your home’s energy efficiency. You can discuss other methods with your AC or Heater repair Houston company. They will be happy to help you make your home more energy efficient. New and innovative methods and upgraded technology are always coming out to help improve energy costs.

Let’s face it, everything listed above is pretty simple to do. But the efficiency of your home’s air conditioner depends almost entirely on you. If you’re not taking proper care of the unit and not taking the necessary steps to preserve its life, then your money is going out the window.

Your HVAC unit isn’t something that gets installed and just forgotten about until something goes wrong. You need to be proactive with regular maintenance with your Houston HVAC company and ensuring that you are using a quality filter and changing it well before it becomes clogged. Regularly visual inspections of your unit will help to keep the debris from the unit and catch any leaks before it becomes a costly repair.

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