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Caleb Nethaway
Caleb Nethaway
17:57 02 Apr 24
Angel Rodriguez
Angel Rodriguez
08:12 30 Mar 24
Great service 👏 👍
Ana Castillo
Ana Castillo
15:51 27 Mar 24
Sid Steen
Sid Steen
21:14 18 Mar 24
Very reputable company and takes good care of their clients!!! The owner makes sure all jobs are done with care!!! Highly recommend them!!!!
luis avila
luis avila
16:27 23 May 23
Great customer service from the first moment you make the phone call and great customer service at your home with the technician, very professional and informative
David Reyna
David Reyna
00:23 22 May 23
They were fast and friendly, and even gave me tips on how to help keep my system running smoothly.
Billy Zang
Billy Zang
21:08 20 May 23
Ray is a dedicated owner who makes sure his customers are taken care of at all levels of their experience with AC and Heating needs. Marco goes above and beyond to explain things when he is fixing and/or maintaining our equipment reducing the anxiety and making things more understandable when things go wrong or need to be replaced.
Lance Borden
Lance Borden
19:44 20 May 23
A great service company. They replaced our central A/C and furnace. Nice, honest people. I’ll have them back if I need service.
Rick Andrade
Rick Andrade
16:16 19 May 23
Great customer service and communication with there costumers. They always make sure the job is done right.
lalo elias
lalo elias
15:59 12 May 23
Team that came out was extremely professional and polite answering every question. I Had an issue with my outside unit they quickly had a team out to assess the problem. Explaining to me in detail the problem and options that I had. Highly recommend giving them a call if you want excellent service.
lupe lozano
lupe lozano
15:41 12 May 23
Very professional service, the guy that came out was prompt, and on time, very courteous.Knew what he was talking about, and brought the right parts with him.Price very reasonable compared to others.Definitely, will keep using their service!
Jason Hanley
Jason Hanley
19:40 11 May 23
Reynaldo and the team at Texas Strong were a pleasure to work with. They were honest and upfront about things when other companies clearly were not. They’ve helped us make smart decisions about our home. Whether it was a simple repair, or time to replace things, they helped us make the best decision for the long run. They actually understand that treating people honestly will earn you more business through trust, and I’ve since referred two other families to them.
sean moorehead
sean moorehead
15:49 11 May 23
The employees are customer friendly they were very prompt. They did a great job explain it in details about the work that was going to be performed. They also have fair prices.
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Commercial HVAC Repair

Houston, known for its hot summers and mild winters, requires commercial HVAC systems for comfort and productivity. But with constant use comes wear-and-tear problems requiring repair immediately. It can be frustrating not to maintain the perfect temperature in the working environment. We understand that commercial HVAC issues take a lot of work to tackle.

This article will look at common commercial HVAC repairs needed by Houstonians and how best they can be addressed. So, don’t wait and read on!

Overview Of Commercial HVAC Issues In Houston

HVAC systems are integral to any commercial establishment. As they continuously run their systems and meet various space demands, businesses frequently encounter HVAC-related problems in Houston. Here is an overview of some of these most frequently occurring issues for you to watch!

Uneven Heating or Cooling

One of the primary challenges associated with commercial HVAC systems is inconsistent heating or cooling. An undersized system often causes it, blocked vents or malfunctioning thermostats. Hot spots or chilly zones in your commercial space may make employees and customers uncomfortable while decreasing productivity in your workplace.

Leaky or Broken Ductwork

A common commercial HVAC issue is leaky or broken ductwork. Your HVAC ducts distribute cooled or heated air throughout your commercial space. Thus, leaks or breaks cause energy loss, increased utility bills, and inconsistent temperature regulation.

Frequent System Breakdowns

System breakdowns are an all-too-common issue among businesses. This problem often stems from inadequate maintenance practices. It can lead to premature failure and costly repairs or replacement costs. HVAC units can quickly wear down without regular service visits and inspections, leading to unexpected breakdowns requiring costly repairs or replacement costs for their operators.

Importance Of Houston Commercial HVAC Repair

Timely repair of commercial HVAC issues can increase comfort levels and extend its lifespan significantly. Regular maintenance and timely repair can enhance both performance and lifespan significantly.

Enhanced System Efficiency

Improved system efficiency and regular HVAC maintenance and repair can increase energy efficiency. It leads to reduced energy bills. Besides, a regular inspection ensures smooth running systems while decreasing the chances of unexpected breakdowns.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

A properly functioning HVAC system helps improve indoor air quality by providing adequate ventilation and reducing pollutants such as dust, allergens, and bacteria. By regularly changing air filters and cleaning ductwork, HVAC maintenance can dramatically enhance air quality within any commercial space.

Longer System Lifespan

On-time repairs of commercial HVAC problems can extend its lifespan. Minor unaddressed issues could develop into major damages that reduce their useful life or require early replacement of your system.

Common Houston Commercial HVAC Repair Services

Now that we understand the most prevalent commercial HVAC issues and the significance of prompt repairs let’s investigate some most frequently requested repair services for Houston residents:

Thermostat Repair or Replacement

An inaccurate temperature reading, fluctuating heating/cooling modes, or unresponsiveness could indicate thermostat issues. In such instances, an experienced HVAC technician should be called out immediately to diagnose, repair or replace as required.

Ductwork Repair or Replacement

Leaks in your ductwork force your HVAC system to work harder to maintain temperatures. It can lead to higher energy costs. Professional HVAC technicians can inspect for damages in your ductwork, make any needed repairs, or replace it if required.

System Tune-Up and Maintenance

Scheduling regular system tune-ups and maintenance checks is key for spotting small issues before they become bigger, like blocked filters. In this service, filters may need replacing, checking system controls, and identifying parts for wear and tear.

Selecting An Appropriate Houston Commercial HVAC Repair Company

Finding an HVAC repair service company that understands commercial HVAC systems can be essential in properly maintaining them. Aim for one with extensive experience handling such issues, an excellent reputation for providing quality service, and licensed professionals who provide services. Besides, their technicians should possess professional certifications to perform repairs.

Remember, timely maintenance and repair of commercial HVAC issues in Houston commercial spaces is essential. It is vital to ensure their comfort and extend their lifespan, increase their efficiency, and decrease energy costs. By investing in quality Houston HVAC repair services, you’ll save both money and hassle over time. Therefore, be proactive by scheduling your system for regular servicing to enjoy uninterrupted comfort, no matter the season in Houston!

Stay Cool in Houston with Commercial HVAC Repair

Houston residents should understand the most prevalent commercial HVAC repairs to remain comfortable during its hot, humid summers and cold, crisp winters. Maintenance and regular checks of commercial HVAC units are essential to their efficient functioning. Common issues in commercial HVAC units include refrigerant leaks, thermostat malfunctions, poor electrical connections, etc.

If the problem is not minor and you need expert help, you can contact Texas Strong Mechanical Air Conditioning & Heating. We have the best HVAC solutions for all commercial places.

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