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Excellent Customer Services!!! Jimmy came to my house and repaired the air conditioning. He has done a great job with high efficiency and quality. He is very nice and friendly to customer. We trust his professional services!!! Highly recommended!!!
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Very fast service. Fully trained and expert technician team for AC and heating furnace installation & repairing service. I am very satisfied with your excellent service and I highly recommend this company for AC installation and repair service.
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Quality work and excellent customer service. They offer excellent AC installation and repairing service and have the proper knowledge and experience to get the job done properly on time. Highly recommended!!!
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According to me, this is one of the best AC installation company, having experienced technician for AC repairing and installation. Very fast and quick service at sensible prices. I highly recommend them for excellent service. Great work, keep it up!!!
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I received a very thorough air conditioner servicing from Houston Heating & Air Conditioning Repair | Texas Strong Mechanical, LLC. They did a great job checking my central air conditioner. I am happy to know that it is in good shape for the summer season. David and Joe are a top notch heating and air conditioning technician. They are also a very nice person who took the time to explain in detail the results of their diagnostic service. Thank you!
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Professional, timely, excellent and cost competitive. The crew worked long hours to finish a tough job on time and the install was immaculate!
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FIVE STAR COMPANY!!!Great work performed and great customer service! We had an immune suppressed family member that was very ill when the AC failed, putting his health in serious jeopardy. Ray Rios (owner) came out quickly and got a new system installed and running that day!This is an amazing company with good people that care about the quality of their work and they care about their customers.We now use them for other work such as electrical, some plumbing, repairs whatever we need help with. I can’t recommend them strongly enough.
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This company is a very valuable and dependable company. Workmanship is excellent. I would highly recommend this company to everyone.
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Replaced a 5 ton unit with a new package. Also replaced the plenum and installed P-trap on a 3 ton unit. Chose this company for its good rating, but maybe I've just had a very bad luck:1. Ceiling was damaged (see photo). The ceiling was repaired and repainted, but not matching the color and texture.2. After a P-trap was installed on the 3 ton unit, the shutoff valve on the primary drain line was left in the closed position for almost a month, until the dripping water from the ceiling was noticed.
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I had a great experience with the company. Of course there was a little anxiety at first with choosing one company, but they made me feel real comfortable with their process and they delivered on every step. Everyone is so knowledgeable and took the extra steps to make me feel more comfortable with my choice. I’m very thankful for Texas Strong.

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Is Air Duct Cleaning Causing Damages? Myth vs. Reality

commercial air duct cleaning houston

Air ducts play an integral part in maintaining indoor air quality and temperature in our homes, providing warm or cool air circulation to create comfortable living environments year-round. However, like any system within a house, they can accumulate dust, debris and contaminants over time, necessitating professional air duct cleaning to rid themselves of these contaminants. Yet, there is a common myth: can air duct cleaning cause any damage to existing ductwork? Additionally, many may wonder if air duct cleaning is a waste of money.

Let’s clear the air and debunk common myths.

The Need for Air Duct Cleaning

Prior to considering whether air duct cleaning can be harmful, it’s essential to understand why it is necessary. The clogged air duct impacts its efficiency as well as the air quality of the home.

By cleaning the ducts, you:

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Air duct cleaning can play an integral part in improving indoor air quality. Over time, air ducts become incubators for contaminants like dust, pollen, pet dander, and mold spores. These contaminants get redistributed into homes each time the system operates. 

By cleaning the ducts, you can eliminate these pollutants, thereby creating an environment with cleaner air to breathe. This is particularly helpful for those who suffer from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory ailments. Furthermore, eliminating these pollutants also means less dust settling on furniture, reducing the need for frequent dusting.

Boosting HVAC Efficiency

Dirty air ducts can significantly diminish the efficiency of your HVAC system. Clogged ducts restrict airflow, forcing your system to work harder in order to reach desired temperatures. This consumes additional energy while creating uneven heating or cooling throughout your home. 

By keeping the ducts clean, airflow is optimized. This enables the system to run more smoothly, providing greater temperature regulation while using energy more efficiently, leading to potential savings on monthly energy bills.

Extending Equipment Lifespan

As mentioned above, clogged or dirty air ducts cause HVAC systems to work harder. Because of this, your HVAC system may experience premature wear and tear, potentially leading to the breakdown of components like its blower motor, or it may undergo unnecessary strain before eventually giving out.

By regularly cleaning the ducts, you can ease strain on your HVAC system and extend its lifespan, saving on early replacement costs. Furthermore, well-maintained systems are less prone to breakdowns resulting in unexpected repair bills or periods without heating or cooling services.

Can Air Duct Cleaning Cause Damage? 

Air duct Cleaning Huston TX

Many homeowners worry that air duct cleaning might damage their delicate systems. But professional air duct cleaning services can make the difference. Let us look into it in detail:

Professional Cleaning Assures Safety

It all depends on who’s performing the cleaning; hiring a professional air duct cleaning service ensures both effectiveness and safety Here’s why:

  • Professional Equipment: They use high-quality equipment designed specifically for air duct cleaning, which ensures a thorough process without any potential health risks.
  • Training and Expertise: An experienced technician knows exactly how to navigate the complexities of an air duct system without risking damage to its delicate system.
  • Inspection Prior to Cleaning: Prior to beginning their duct system cleaning, professional cleaners typically conduct an in-depth examination to identify any existing problems or weak points so as to tailor their approach for optimal cleaning results.

Amateur Mistakes To Avoid

On the flip side, an amateur or homeowner without proper tools and knowledge attempting to clean air ducts runs the risk of making mistakes that can cause severe damage. Common errors include:

  • Use of Harsh Chemicals: While using harsh cleaning agents may result in cleaner ductwork, they can actually damage it further and contaminate the air supply.
  • Physical Damage: Without adequate tools at hand, puncturing or denting could occur, potentially puncturing or denting ducts outright.
  • Undiagnosed Mold Issues: Amateurs may not recognize signs of mold, which, if left untreated, can become a significant health hazard.

Is Air Duct Cleaning a Wise Investment or a Waste of Money?

One of the primary questions homeowners ask themselves regarding air duct cleaning is this one: Is air duct cleaning an investment or a waste of money? The answer is straightforward—air duct cleaning is a worthwhile investment. Here’s why:”

Health and Efficiency Benefits

Proper air duct cleaning can deliver numerous health and efficiency advantages that make the investment worthwhile, including increased indoor air quality, enhanced HVAC efficiency, longer equipment lifespan and energy bill savings in the future.

Preventative Maintenance

Consider air duct cleaning a form of preventative maintenance – much like servicing your vehicle to avoid breakdowns – it could prevent more significant and costly issues from developing in the future.

Peace of Mind

Simply knowing you are breathing clean air free from contaminants and allergens provides great peace of mind, making the investment well worthwhile for many homeowners.

Conclusion: The True Value of Professional Air Duct Cleaning

So, can air duct cleaning cause damage? The risks are low when performed by HVAC professionals using the appropriate tools and expertise, but the benefits are substantial, from improved air quality to higher efficiency.

Air duct cleaning should never be seen as an unnecessary expenditure – health benefits combined with potential long-term savings make this an investment that pays dividends for homeowners. To ensure you’re receiving top service, contact experts of Texas Strong Mechanical Air Conditioning & Heating. Our primary goal is customer satisfaction and providing them with top-notch solutions. 

Remember, cleaner homes mean healthier lives! Contact us now for cleaner duct and containment free air.

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