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Keeping Your Condenser and Evaporator Coils Clean Isn’t Optional

There are two repairs that every single homeowner wants to avoid at all costs. And one is having to hire a roofing company to replace the roof on your home. The other is having an air conditioning installation Houston TX company replace your broken AC unit. These are both expensive replacements, and it’s why when you are looking to purchase a home, you want to know how old the roof and the AC unit are. It’s probably the first question you ask the real estate agent and the first things you inspect when you are at the house.

Thankfully, there are plenty of things that you can do to prolong the life of your AC unit and keep the unit in tip-top condition. AC units can last up to 15 years. That’s likely half the life of your mortgage. And the best way to keep it running that long is by properly maintaining it. It’s actually easier than you would imagine having to do. Here’s the thing, the functionality of your HVAC unit often determines the efficiency of your unit. So if one thing is off, it’s likely that not only will the air quality of your home suffer, but the life of your unit will begin to suffer, as well.

The coils are essentially the heart of your unit by cooling and drying the air. This is why it’s essential that you are keeping them clean. And properly maintaining them will provide you with an energy-efficient unit that cools your home to the perfect temperature for years to come. We’re not going to go over the complexity of your HVAC unit. But it’s important that you understand the function of the unit and how it is affected by dirt, and the things that you can do to prevent it. It will give you a better understanding of why it’s important to maintain the unit properly. This isn’t only going to prolong the unit’s life, but it’s also going to help keep your utility bill low yet decrease the number of repair calls you make. That alone will save you thousands and prevent your system from being overworked. Let’s take a look at how your unit can get dirty in the first place.

Air filters are the biggest culprit of dirty evaporator coils. It’s easy to forget to replace your air filter, but it important to maintain your unit. Not only does the clogged filters dirty your coils, but it’s also allowing that dirt and dust to re-enter your home, affecting the quality of your air. When it comes to your condenser coils in the outdoor units, they are subjected to dirt, grass, leaves, and sticks. If you’re not paying attention or regularly cleaning around the system, these things can build up on the condenser.

Basically, the way that the coils work is that the air has to pass through these metal coils, and if there is anything between the metal, it makes it difficult to pass the air through the coils. This, in turn, prevents the system from cooling the air inside of your home. This causes your air conditioner to work hard, which puts stress on your unit and increases your energy bill. Eventually, the AC unit will break down, and it will likely be on the hottest day of the year. Then you’ll likely be searching for a Houston air conditioner installation company.

The best way to prevent this is by keeping the evaporator and condenser coils clean. This is usually included with your maintenance agreement. This is ultimately the best way to maintain your entire HVAC system because a trained service technician will come to inspect and clean your unit a few times a year. They know exactly what they are looking for.

You can do things that will help protect your overall unit and keep the system clean. This is why one of the most important things in your unit is the air filter. Changing this every 90 days is going to prevent dust and dirt from building up on the evaporator coil. And you are making sure that you’re removing the debris that buildup around the outside unit. These things will affect the coils and keep them from functioning properly.

The last thing you need is to be hiring an AC replacement Houston HVAC company for the simple reason that you let these things go. Cleaning and maintaining both the evaporator and condenser coils aren’t an option.

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