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We specialize in commercial and residential AC repair and installation. Many big-name companies push additional costs and hidden fees to their clients to offer their services. We realize that you can grow your business through fair prices and quality relationships. We focus on real reviews from our excellent customers, who have received our services, like AC repair Houston TX, to build a reputation in this particular market. Our customers will tell you to call Texas Strong Mechanical if you ask who offers the best ac repair in Houston. At Texas Strong Mechanical Air Conditioning & Heating, we are the solution you have been searching for. We have small business roots that keep us grounded, staying focused on the distinctive culture of every community we serve. Temperature issues could be a real nuisance. These problems are usually equally as frustrating in the winter season. Nothing is more uneasy than suffering and shivering in a household that is not heated right in the winter season. You need professional heater repair Houston if you think that your monthly heating bills are soaring high than they previously were. 

If your ac/heater isn’t running at its best, don’t hesitate to call for repairs. We understand that you may want to wait it out to see if the problem fixes itself, but ac systems don’t just fix themselves! The longer you wait, the more likely it is that further damage is being done to your system, making your repairs or replacement more costly. When you turn on your heater after months of idle time, your heater might emit some weird smells and noises. The heating at home might seem uneven and inconsistent, as well. If you have these heating troubles, you can rely on our HVAC contractors Houston to offer you professional repair support. Prevent further damage and schedule your consultation appointment with us now!

Common problems we address include: burner repair, fan belt replacement, fan blade repair, blower motor replacement, thermostat recalibration, heat exchanger, electrical repair and more! We are not only specialists in troubleshooting issues with cooling, ventilation, and heating, but in preventing those issues as well. If your home’s cooling system does not cool your residence during the summertime, for instance, we will look at the situation and discover what could be triggering the problem. Then we will let you know if a Katy AC repair will suffice or a replacement will be needed. Persistent air conditioning woes will be, in many cases, caused by units that are too old and used out. If you have had a similar air conditioning unit for fifteen years now, then there is a good possibility that changing it will be a far more sensible and easy choice than an AC repair Katy TX. You can depend on our experienced technicians to continually provide you with the most honest and trustworthy HVAC advice for your concerns. Our technicians explain all of your options before beginning the service, so you can decide what the best solution is. Call us for 24-hour emergency heating and cooling repair in Houston.

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AC Repair Katy

It’s not unusual for many business owners and families to encounter unforeseen problems with their commercial or residential HVAC systems. These kinds of systems usually require occasional maintenance to make sure their continuous efficiency. Often, people fail to have their HVAC units inspected and suddenly find themselves with no adequate heating, refrigeration, or cooling in their businesses or homes. It’s essential to contact one of the local HVAC companies in Houston right away in such events, as it is not unusual for these issues to worsen into costly full-blown breakdowns quickly. We are dedicated to providing fast response, high-quality heating and air conditioning service Katy Texas to our clients to enjoy heating, refrigeration, and cooling in their businesses and homes. We know what it’s like to be trapped in the summer months with no proper air conditioning; we have also encountered the pain of being with no heating during the winter months. We want to enable you to stay away from discomfort by dealing with your HVAC needs quickly, be it a repair, AC installation Houston, etc.

All of our visits for an AC repair Katy TX start with a complete diagnostic test. This analysis test will provide us with the root of the issue. We will check the electric circuits that link the furnace on the thermostat to ensure you are getting the best climate control out of your system. Call us now for a free estimate for heating and AC repair Houston.

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Nobody wants to deal with a broken heater. Lucky for you, our Houston AC Repair experts are available 7 days a week. Don’t face cold winter nights without a well-functioning, regularly maintenanced heater. If you’re having trouble getting the temperature right in your home, it’s time to call in the experts for home heating repairs. Our highly skilled and certified technicians have seen all kinds of heating issues after serving the local Houston area and we’re committed to providing home comfort solutions that last. Our air conditioning and heating pros provide both gas and electric repairs!

Reasons you might want to call for repairs include: inconsistent temperatures between rooms, higher than usual energy bills, cold or stuffy rooms, heater not blowing warm air, or an odor coming from vents when the heater first comes on. These are just a few issues we can address at your appointment.


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