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Looking for AC & Heating repair service for the churches in the Houston area? Texas Strong Mechanical is here to help and serve the local Texans in Houston and surrounding areas. We do residential and commercial air conditioning repair services: AC Installation, AC Maintenance, and Air Duct Cleaning.

Do the church’s air conditioning and heating system be quiet, efficient, and non-distracting? Texas Strong Mechanical Heating and Air Conditioning can design and service an HVAC system that’s perfect for your church. We focus on performance, quiet operation, and reliability. We’ll make every person comfortable anywhere in the building while they gather with family and friends each week.

We have experience providing HVAC services for religious organizations in Houston. Contact us today for an estimate for your next installation or scheduled quarterly maintenance.

Why Should You Find The Right HVAC Systems for Churches?
Churches have unique heating and cooling needs. The system needs to be designed to create comfort in unique spaces without wasting energy. The unique architectural aspects of many churches can make creating a comfortable climate more difficult. However, with the right design, even large open spaces can be kept comfortable and at an optimum temperature.

Texas Strong Mechanical Heating and Air Conditioning have the experience to fit your church with the right HVAC system to meet all of your needs. We’ll assess your current energy consumption and the layout of your building to create a customized HVAC system to meet your preferences and budget.

Texas Strong recently had helped one of the Houston local churches build a full system at an affordable price.

Here are the reseasons why Texas Strong Mechanical is the best HVAC company for the churches:

There is a commitment to their fellow Houstonians was recently manifested when Dominion Church International reached out to their community for assistance with a substantial remodeling project for their auditorium. The proposed project came with a growing list of challenges as the small congregation’s HVAC needs became more desperate as the remodeling progressed. An entirely new commercial-grade air conditioning and air conditioning system was needed.

As most attendees of small church congregations can testify, the cost of upgrading an HVAC system for a church auditorium can quickly reach financially debilitating levels. These challenges can easily make it difficult, if not impossible, to meet EPA mandated air conditioning refrigerant regulations and standards. When the church’s pastor reached out for assistance, Texas Strong Mechanical answered with an affordable, full installation of a new HVAC system.

The additional challenge of a short deadline for the installation was met by Texas Strong Mechanical’s owner, Reynaldo Rios, and his team of HVAC technicians who expertly installed a 19-ton HVAC system in record-setting time. Dominion Church International’s pastor, Paul Hardin, expressed his gratitude to Texas Strong Mechanical on his church’s Facebook page by stating, “19 tons of brand-new heating, ventilation, and air conditioning installed by Reynaldo Rios of Texas Strong Mechanical Air Conditioning & Heating. (Call him for all your HVAC needs).”

As the owner of Texas Strong Mechanical, Reynaldo is dedicated to helping his fellow Houstonians with their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs by providing expertly installed, maintained, and repaired HVAC systems at affordable prices. Combined with his commitment to customer satisfaction, it is no wonder why Texas Strong Mechanical is one of the fastest-growing HVAC service providers in the greater Houston area.

We also offer a 24/7 emergency heater and air conditioner repair Houston hotline at (832) 419-4488 to help you get your cooling system back quickly.

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 When you are looking for the fast AC repair service company, you should call us. Texas Strong Mechanical is here to assist the residents and businesses when the air conditioner or heater stop working. We do fast repair services. Our technicians will arrive at your home with all the resources and tools they need to have for an extensive fix. We can fix faulty wiring, change worn out parts, and repair leaks. Our technician can fix your thermostats, central cooling systems, packaged systems, heat pumps, and even standalone air cooling units. We understand how crucial your AC is to the convenience of your house. That is why we provide affordable pricing for all of our services of AC repair.

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