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Where Does Tomball Go For AC and Heating Service?

Texas Strong Mechanical Is The Answer For Tomball’s HVAC Needs


Tomball residents know value isn’t found just on a price tag. They know trust is more valuable than a salesman hustling for more business.  Texas Strong Mechanical knows this too and that’s why Tomball residents know to call us for all their Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) needs.

Texas Strong Mechanical has been earning the trust of Tomball’s residents for years. Our commitment to providing Tomball with expert HVAC installation, service, and repair services is as strong as Tomball’s place in Texas’ rich history. And, like Tomball’s ever-growing population, Texas Strong Mechanical is growing with you.

We understand the difficulties with finding a HVAC team who fully understand the challenging heating and cooling needs for Tomball’s residents. But we make that search easy with our expertly trained and fully licensed team of heating and air conditioning technicians. We specialize in expertly maintaining, servicing, and installing every kind of HVAC system that Tomball depends on to beat Texas’ unique weather.

Texas Strong Mechanical is fully equipped to provide all of the HVAC services Tomball residents expect:

  • Full Service Improvement of Indoor Air Quality In Tomball
  • Tuning-Up and Maintaining Any A/C System In Tomball
  • New Residential or Commercial A/C Installation In Tomball
  • A/C Repairs Including Complete Home Duct Resizing and Air Balancing In Tomball

We also offer a 24/7 emergency heater and air conditioner repair Houston hotline at (832) 419-4488 to help you get your cooling system back quickly.


We Specialize In Keeping Tomball Cool


Texas Strong Mechanical Is Tomball’s HVAC Upgrade Headquarters

With the constant changes in refrigeration technology, your HVAC service provider needs to be on top of the latest innovations. Texas Strong Mechanical is fully equipped with the knowledge, experience, and inventory to ensure Tomball’s heating and air condition units are at their peak efficiency.

Recent federal EPA regulations have introduced new refrigerants like R407c or MO99 to replace traditional coolants like R-22, or “freon”. While most older units still run on R-22, eventually those units will have to be upgraded or replaced to utilize these new refrigerants. Texas Strong Mechanical is not only fully equipped to keep older units running with our supply of R-22, but we also have the expertise and inventory to upgrade all commercial or residential systems to meet those regulations.

Texas Strong Mechanical specializes in answering Tomball resident’s questions about their current systems, including identifying what refrigerant your current system is using. We even assist Tomball residents with planning for an upgrade to their AC system. Tomball is a phone call away from everything you need to stay comfortable no matter what Texas’ weather throws at you.



Servicing and Maintaining Tomball’s HVAC Systems Is Our Business


Tomball’s Trusted HVAC Repair Team Is Texas Strong Mechanical


Keeping Tomball’s heating and cooling systems operating at their peak efficiency is a high priority for Tomball’s residents. It’s an even higher priority for Texas Strong Mechanical. Our technicians bring decades of HVAC knowledge, training, and experience to Tomball’s service and repair needs. That training doesn’t stop once we get our licenses. Texas Strong is continually educating our staff to ensure Tomball residents get the highest level of service.

Whether the service is commercial or residential, Tomball’s residents trust our team of HVAC experts to provide exceptional service no matter the issue. From the newest equipment to the oldest, Texas Strong Mechanical has the experience, knowledge, and commitment to customer service to make sure Tomball residents’ HVAC systems are operating the way they are supposed to.


Got questions about upgrading to a new AC system or Heating system? Contact Texas Strong Mechanical today at (832) 419-4488 to schedule an appointment today.

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 When you are looking for the fast AC repair service company, you should call us. Texas Strong Mechanical is here 24/7 to assist the residents and businesses when the air conditioner or heater stop working. We do fast repair services. Our technicians will arrive at your home with all the resources and tools they need to have for an extensive fix. We can fix faulty wiring, change worn out parts, and repair leaks. Our technician can fix your thermostats, central cooling systems, packaged systems, heat pumps, and even standalone air cooling units. We understand how crucial your AC is to the convenience of your house. That is why we provide affordable pricing for all of our services of AC repair.

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