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The Woodlands Knows Who To Call When They Lose Their Cool

Texas Strong Mechanical Knows How To Beat The Heat In The Woodlands

There are few neighborhoods in the greater Houston area like The Woodlands. If you like natural surroundings and relaxing environments, you’re probably already a Woodlands resident. And if you know The Woodlands, then you also know who to call when your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system needs to be repaired, replaced, or just tuned up: Texas Strong Mechanical.

Finding a HVAC team who knows the unique heating and cooling needs for The Woodlands’ residents is as simple as calling Texas Strong Mechanical. Our fully licensed and expertly trained heating and air conditioning technicians aren’t just HVAC experts, we specialize in meeting The Woodlands residents’ unique heating and cooling needs.

Texas Strong Mechanical is fully equipped to provide all of the HVAC services The Woodlands residents need:

  • New A/C Installation In The Woodlands
  • A/C Repairs Including Complete Home Duct Resizing and Air Balancing In The Woodlands
  • Tuning-Up and Maintaining Any A/C System In The Woodlands
  • Full Service Improvement of Indoor Air Quality In The Woodlands

Schedule your free inspection at (832) 419-4488 to schedule an appointment today.

Replacing Air Conditioning Systems In The Woodlands Is Our Specialty


Texas Strong Mechanical Keeps It Cool In The Woodlands

Refrigeration technology is constantly changing and as residents of The Woodlands have learned, that change means upgrading to newer air conditioning systems. Modern units are more efficient and cost less to run than HVAC systems from just a few years ago. And with the government mandated changes to newer refrigerants, older units that still use R-22 “freon” refrigerant will soon find themselves in need of a new system. Texas Strong Mechanical is fully equipped to not only keep your older units running, but we’re also able to upgrade The Woodlands residents’ units to meet these environmentally friendly changes.

Texas Strong Mechanical has everything you need to answer your questions concerning upgrading to a newer system. We can even tell you what refrigerant your A/C system is currently running. Plus we can help The Woodlands residents plan ahead for an A/C system upgrade. Everything The Woodlands residents need to stay cool is a simple phone call away.

Got questions about upgrading to a new AC system? Contact Texas Strong Mechanical at (832) 419-4488 to schedule an appointment today.

Happiness Is A Healthy Air Conditioner In The Woodlands


Texas Strong Mechanical Is The Woodlands’ A/C Repair Team 

We know one of the more expensive home amenities in The Woodlands is the air conditioning and heating system. That’s why the Texas Strong Mechanical team is continually training and staying up-to-date on all modern HVAC technologies to keep The Woodlands residents’ air conditioning and heating systems running at peak efficiency. So the next time you hear a strange sound, smell a weird smell, or feel a warm breeze from your air ducts, residents of The Woodlands know who to call for HVAC system repairs and tune-ups: Texas Strong Mechanical

Residential or commercial, Texas Strong Mechanical is The Woodlands’ most trusted team of HVAC experts. No matter the issue, from simple repairs to the most complex new unit installation, Texas Strong Mechanical has the knowledge, the experience, and the inventory to ensure the job is done right and The Woodlands residents are completely satisfied with their heating and air conditioning service.

Need an A/C expert in West University? Call Texas Strong Mechanical today at (832) 419-4488 to schedule an appointment today.

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The Woodlands, TX AC Repair Area

 When you are looking for the fast AC repair service company, you should call us. Texas Strong Mechanical is here 24/7 to assist the residents and businesses when the air conditioner or heater stop working. We do fast repair services. Our technicians will arrive at your home with all the resources and tools they need to have for an extensive fix. We can fix faulty wiring, change worn out parts, and repair leaks. Our technician can fix your thermostats, central cooling systems, packaged systems, heat pumps, and even standalone air cooling units. We understand how crucial your AC is to the convenience of your house. That is why we provide affordable pricing for all of our services of AC repair.

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