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John Nelson
06:12 09 Feb 22
Excellent Customer Services!!! Jimmy came to my house and repaired the air conditioning. He has done a great job with high efficiency and quality. He is very nice and friendly to customer. We trust his professional services!!! Highly recommended!!!
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Mark Larrabee
06:02 22 Jan 22
Very fast service. Fully trained and expert technician team for AC and heating furnace installation & repairing service. I am very satisfied with your excellent service and I highly recommend this company for AC installation and repair service.
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William Martina
04:11 21 Jan 22
Quality work and excellent customer service. They offer excellent AC installation and repairing service and have the proper knowledge and experience to get the job done properly on time. Highly recommended!!!
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Lionel Bates
18:48 17 Jan 22
According to me, this is one of the best AC installation company, having experienced technician for AC repairing and installation. Very fast and quick service at sensible prices. I highly recommend them for excellent service. Great work, keep it up!!!
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Kenneth Norris
06:50 13 Jan 22
I received a very thorough air conditioner servicing from Houston Heating & Air Conditioning Repair | Texas Strong Mechanical, LLC. They did a great job checking my central air conditioner. I am happy to know that it is in good shape for the summer season. David and Joe are a top notch heating and air conditioning technician. They are also a very nice person who took the time to explain in detail the results of their diagnostic service. Thank you!
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Paul Hardin
22:28 20 Oct 21
Professional, timely, excellent and cost competitive. The crew worked long hours to finish a tough job on time and the install was immaculate!
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Kalli O'Malley
15:24 13 Jul 21
FIVE STAR COMPANY!!!Great work performed and great customer service! We had an immune suppressed family member that was very ill when the AC failed, putting his health in serious jeopardy. Ray Rios (owner) came out quickly and got a new system installed and running that day!This is an amazing company with good people that care about the quality of their work and they care about their customers.We now use them for other work such as electrical, some plumbing, repairs whatever we need help with. I can’t recommend them strongly enough.
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James Piper
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This company is a very valuable and dependable company. Workmanship is excellent. I would highly recommend this company to everyone.
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Steve Niu
00:40 04 Jun 21
Replaced a 5 ton unit with a new package. Also replaced the plenum and installed P-trap on a 3 ton unit. Chose this company for its good rating, but maybe I've just had a very bad luck:1. Ceiling was damaged (see photo). The ceiling was repaired and repainted, but not matching the color and texture.2. After a P-trap was installed on the 3 ton unit, the shutoff valve on the primary drain line was left in the closed position for almost a month, until the dripping water from the ceiling was noticed.
Opal Harmon
Opal Harmon
16:13 06 May 21
I had a great experience with the company. Of course there was a little anxiety at first with choosing one company, but they made me feel real comfortable with their process and they delivered on every step. Everyone is so knowledgeable and took the extra steps to make me feel more comfortable with my choice. I’m very thankful for Texas Strong.
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How Often Should Houston Residents Clean Their Air Duct? Air Duct Cleaning FAQs

Air Duct Cleaning Houston

Maintaining a healthy living environment for any homeowner is of utmost importance. But an often neglected factor is air duct cleanliness in their home. Houston’s climate and urban sprawl contribute to contamination collection in your HVAC system, which reduces its effectiveness as well as decreases indoor air quality. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll answer the pressing question: “How often should you clean air ducts?” We’ll also explore the best time of year to clean air ducts, among other frequently asked questions about air duct cleaning.

Understanding the Importance of Clean Air Ducts

Why Are Clean Air Ducts Essential?

Clean air ducts play an integral part in maintaining a healthy indoor environment. Over time, air ducts may accumulate dust and several other contaminants that contaminate our air. Contrary to the myth that air duct cleaning causes damage, ensuring they are free from dust debris, mold spores, and impurities is essential. Following are the reasons why clean air ducts should always be prioritized:

Improved Indoor Air Quality: Clean air ducts help decrease pollutant circulation in your home, improving indoor air quality. 

Energy Efficiency: An efficiently operating HVAC system consumes less energy and thus lowers bills significantly.

Longer HVAC Lifespan: Air duct cleaning can extend the lifespan of your HVAC system by reducing wear and tear on its components, thus prolonging its service.

Common Contaminants in Houston’s Air Ducts

Houston’s unique climate and urban environment make air ducts susceptible to specific contaminants. These include:

Dust and Allergens: The city’s often windy conditions can introduce dust and allergens into your HVAC system.

Mold and Mildew: Houston’s humidity levels can lead to the growth of mold as well as mildew within air ducts.

Pollen and Pollutants: Outdoor pollutants, including pollen and pollution, can find their way into your home through the ventilation system.

Pet Dander: Pet dander is a common concern for pet owners, especially during shedding seasons.

How Often Should You Clean Air Ducts?

General Guidelines for Air Duct Cleaning Frequency

Air duct cleaning frequency will depend upon several variables, including location, lifestyle, and personal preferences. However, there are general guidelines to follow:

Every 3 to 4 Years: Most homes in Houston benefit from air duct cleaning every 3 to 4 years. This timeframe helps maintain good indoor air quality as well as system efficiency.

Special Considerations: If you have pets, allergies, or a smoker in the house, you may need more frequent cleaning.

Signs that Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

While the recommended timeline is every 3 to 5 years, some signs indicate your air ducts may need cleaning sooner:

Visible Mold: When it comes to health considerations, any visible mold growth in air ducts must be addressed quickly.

Excessive Dust and Debris Buildups: An unusually large buildup of dust or debris around vents could indicate that they require cleaning.

Allergic Reactions or Respiratory Issues: An increase in allergy or respiratory symptoms among family members could indicate poor indoor air quality.

Inefficient Performance: If your HVAC system seems less effective than before, scheduling an evaluation and cleaning appointment could help.

Best Time of Year to Clean Air Ducts in Houston

While air duct cleaning can be done throughout the year, the best time often depends on Houston’s climate:

Spring: Spring season can be an excellent time to clean air ducts, especially after the winter months when your system has been working hard to keep you warm.

Fall: Cleaning your air ducts in the fall can help remove any summer allergens and prepare your HVAC system for winter.

Before High Humidity Seasons: Houston’s high humidity can encourage mold growth. Cleaning your ducts before the peak of the humidity season is wise.

Air Duct Cleaning FAQs

 Is DIY Air Duct Cleaning Recommended?

DIY air duct cleaning is not recommended for several reasons:

Inadequate Equipment: Professional air duct cleaners have specialized equipment that ensures a thorough cleaning.

Risk of Contamination: Without the right tools and expertise, DIY cleaning may result in the spread of contaminants throughout your home.

Warranty Considerations: Many HVAC system warranties require professional maintenance to remain valid.

How Much Does Air Duct Cleaning Cost?

Cost estimates of air duct cleaning in Houston generally fall between $300 to $500 for an average-sized home, depending on factors like home size, extent of contamination, accessibility of ducts, etc.

What Should You Expect During a Professional Air Duct Cleaning?

When you appoint a professional for air duct cleaning, you can expect the following:

Inspection: The technician will inspect your system and identify areas that need attention.

Cleaning Process: They will use specialized equipment to clean the ducts, including vacuum systems and brushes.

Decontamination: They may apply appropriate decontamination measures in cases of mold or other contaminants.

Completion Verification: After the cleaning, the technician may perform tests or provide visual evidence to show that the job is complete.

Can Air Duct Cleaning Help with Allergies?

Yes, air duct cleaning can help improve indoor air quality, making it a more comfortable environment for individuals with allergies. Removing dust, allergens, and pollutants from the ducts reduces the potential triggers for allergy symptoms.

Do You Need to Clean Both Supply and Return Air Ducts?

Yes, it’s essential to clean both supply and return air ducts. The supply ducts distribute conditioned air, while the return ducts pull air from your living spaces to be conditioned. Cleaning ensures a comprehensive improvement in air quality.

Hiring a Professional Air Duct Cleaner

How to Choose the Right Air Duct Cleaning Service

Consider these criteria when choosing an air duct cleaning service in Houston:

Experience: Select a company with years of experience.

Certifications: To ensure quality service, look for technicians certified by organizations like the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA).

Transparent Pricing: Be certain the company offers fair and transparent pricing without hidden fees or surprises.

References or Reviews: Obtain references or read online reviews in order to measure customer satisfaction.

Insurance: Before hiring any company to clean your house, verify if they are properly insured to protect you against accidents or damages that might occur during the cleaning process.

Questions to Ask Your Air Duct Cleaner

Before hiring a professional cleaner, take steps to ensure a comprehensive and reliable service:

  • What cleaning methods will be employed? 
  • Can I receive references from previous clients? 
  • Do they offer any guarantees or warranties with their services? 
  • And finally, Typically, how long will the cleaning process last?

Wrapping Up: Your Guide to Air Duct Cleaning

Maintaining clean air ducts is an integral component of maintaining indoor air quality as well as the efficiency of an HVAC system in Houston or any other city. Knowing when and how often you should clean air ducts is crucial. By following the appropriate guidelines and seeking professional assistance as necessary, homeowners can create a healthier living environment for themselves and their families. 

Never underestimate how clean air ducts affect overall well-being and quality of life. Call HVAC experts of Texas Strong Mechanical today! We have extensive experience in air duct cleaning.

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